Gambling Isn’t the Only Thing to do in Las Vegas

Do you think the only thing to do in Las Vegas is gamble? Would 
you believe that there are a multitude of great hiking trails in 
a place where all-you-can-eat casino buffets are par for the 
course? Southern Nevada is chock full of great hiking trails 
ready to be discovered. Hiking areas near Las Vegas include: 
Red Rock, Mt.Charleston, Lake Mead, and the Eastern Sierra. 
These hiking trails are interspersed between canyons, mountains, 
chutes, and gullies.

Red Rock: Red Rock is located 20 miles west of Las Vegas. The 
hiking trails range between 1-12 miles and can accommodate 
hikers of any skill level. Camping is available. Currently, it 
costs $5 per car and $20 for a yearly pass
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Mt.Charleston: Mt.Charleston is 35 miles northwest of Las 
Vegas. It is filled with mountainous terrain. Mt.Charleston 
has summer temperatures that are nearly 30 degrees cooler then 
Las Vegas. The hiking trails range from 1-20 miles and will 
bode well for beginning to advanced hikers. Currently, it costs 
$6 per car.

Lake Mead: Lake Mead is 20 miles east of Las Vegas. Lake Mead 
is an easy hike. It is generally 10 degrees warmer than Las 
Vegas. Therefore, consider hiking Lake Mead during the winter 
months. There are hot springs and eye-catching rock formations 
to admire while hiking around Lake Mead. The hiking trails are 
1-15 miles long. Currently, it costs $5 for certain hikes.

Eastern Sierra: The Eastern Sierra mountain range is a 3.5 hour 
drive from Las Vegas. It is worth the drive when you experience 
the many peaks it has to offer. The highest peak is Mt. Whitney 
which stands at 14,494 feet. There are numerous trails to 
choose from that explore the peaks that make up the Eastern 
Sierra mountain range. The trails range from 1-20 miles long. 
There is no entrance fee. However, some of the trails require 
permits while others do not. Also, be aware that the Eastern 
Sierra mountain range is home to a bear population so take 
precautions when hiking and camping.

So turn in your poker chips and skip the slot machines when you 
head to Las Vegas. The area has many spectacular hiking trails 
to offer. Try hiking in fall, winter, or spring because Las 
Vegas has sweltering heat in the summer. Take in the fresh air 
and rocky scenery of Las Vegas area hiking trails. They are a 
little known secret waiting for you to discover them.

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